Buckle fastening at should prevents forward slippage.

Velcro fastening at should prevents forward slippage.

Buckle or Velcro fastening to side. Shown with stud fastening to secure optional belt supports.

Choice of belt and back supports. See here for further details.

Special Procedure Apron 50/25

Amray Comfort

  • Even transfer of weight between shoulders and hips reduces fatigue
  • Flexible Velcro fastenings across shoulders and torso ensure optimal comfort
  • Wide skirt for freedom of movement
  • Padded shoulders prevent forward slippage and relieve pressure on shoulders
  • Soft materials allow for flexibility
  • Optional clip-on thyroid collar
  • Chest pocket included as standard
  • Choice of optional belts to support lower back
  • Optional Monogram

AmRay Protection

  • 35cm double overlap front for double levels of protection
  • Full protection to front, back and sides
  • Made to individual measurements
  • Available in .25mm Pb .35mmPb .50mmPb and combinations thereof

AmRay’s radiation protective special procedure lead aprons afford the user maximum protection and comfort. The lead-lined one-piece apron design is ideally suited for extended procedures such as cardiology, neurology and urology. The special procedure apron is praised among medical professionals for its significant comfort levels and ergonomic design.

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