X-Ray Protective Glasses

AmRay Medical offers a range of radiation protective lead glasses. With nine styles to choose from we are sure you will find a pair to appeal to you, even for those that wear prescription lenses. With features such as contoured wrap frames, leaded glass lenses, side shields and nylon frames, our x-ray protective glasses will provide optimal radiation protection while our lightweight frames and range of colours ensure style and comfort. With over 35 years experience providing x-ray protection solutions for medical, healthcare and industrial applications, we are internationally recognised as a market leader, and you can be sure that our products reach the highest level of protection for our customers. Established in 1985 by an experienced radiographer, AmRay is an Irish, family-run business, manufacturing radiation protection equipment and delivering radiation shielding solutions worldwide. We don’t just produce protective lead glasses, we also offer a wide range of personal x-ray protection including radiation protection aprons, X-Ray radiation protection accessories and more. We are also at the forefront of hygiene control with our AmRay BioShield Door - a fully encapsulated seamless hygienic door frame. AmRay bespoke radiation shielding solutions can be found in primary care, private and public hospitals, dental practices and veterinary facilities across the world. AmRay Track, our new software management system allows users to manage, track and document the inspection of radiation protection garments. Innovative product development at AmRay is driven by regulatory requirements and evolving customer needs. All of AmRay Medical’s products are fully compliant to IEC:61331-2-2014 (with additional testing guidance notes issues in September 2016). If you would like to find out more contact us here.