Amray Classic - Model 09

Amray Comfort

  • Quick release belt & buckle can be worn under or over the apron
  • Quick release belt & buckle allows even transfer of weight between shoulders and hips to reduce fatigue
  • Super soft materials allow for complete flexibility
  • Chest pocket included as standard
  • Optional Monogram
  • Made to individual size requirements

AmRay Protection

  • Low cost functional apron
  • Full frontal protection
  • Available in .25mm Pb .35mmPb.50mmPb and combinations thereof

AmRay Classic lead apron for high usage environments. The AmRay Classic radiation protection lead apron is a single-front apron designed for high usage environments where robustness - without compromising protection and comfort - is required. Made from a durable PVC material, the AmRay Classic withstands the rigours of everyday use and provides a practical wipe clean material resistant to staining and tearing. Ideal for short periods of use.

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